Class of 2018

Information Systems & Information Technology

College of Business

Ria's Bio

Hi everyone! My name is Ria, and I am currently a sophomore in the College of Business. I’m from Los Altos, California—I know what you’re thinking. Why Illinois?

It comes down to these reasons:

400 to 40,000+
I went to a private, Catholic all-girls high school with a graduating class size of 400 students. I’m so thankful for the quality education I received, but needless to say, I was also eager to branch out and try something different when it came to choosing a college. I went with the one that would give me the most quintessential college experience. With over 40,000 students, Illinois has so much to offer as far as campus diversity and resources are concerned.

I’d Never Experienced a Real Winter
While sacrificing the sunny California weather was difficult, I felt that I had to leave. I’d always pictured going to college out of state, even if it meant having to deal with snow for the first time in my life. The way I see it, I have these four years to try something new and expose myself to as many people with diverse backgrounds and ambitions as possible. Many of the people I’ve met so far have felt the same way. Whether they’ve left their homes in the Chicago suburbs or are international students from countries like Qatar, the students at Illinois are all equally driven to really immerse themselves in the cultural and academic opportunities the university offers.

So despite the unbearable cold and inhumanely harsh wind, I find myself at the University of Illinois without many regrets.

Being a part of campus that is home to 40,000+ other students can seem overwhelming, yet from what I’ve experienced, no one day has been the same. I’m looking forward to learning and sharing more about my new home with all of you! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions; I'm always happy to answer them.