Class of 2019

Political Science

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Alec's Bio

Hi Everyone! I’m Alec.

I’m a freshman here at Illinois, and I’m double majoring in Economics and Political Science. My hope is to one day become an attorney, so I have about seven long years ahead of me! I’m from a small town across the river from St. Louis called Waterloo, Illinois. My graduating class had about 160 students, so attending Illinois will be a big change for me! In high school I was involved in mostly student government and theater-related clubs, which I intend to stay involved in at Illinois.

I chose to be an Illini for a few reasons: I was accepted into the honors program (which was a big surprise for me), Illinois was ranked as one of the best public universities around, and no other college made me feel more at home! Not to mention I’m the youngest of four brothers, so three hours from home was about as far as my mother would let me venture! But nonetheless, I have no regrets about my choice to attend Illinois.

As a blogger, I want to help students see what it is like to be a freshman at a university as widely known as Illinois is. I know what it felt like to be a high school senior who had no idea what he wanted to do with his life or where he wanted to go, but I’m doing it now! My only hope is that my blogs will affect young lives in a positive way. If you ever have any questions, I will be reading any and all comments left on my posts!