Class of 2019


College of Media

Jacob's Bio

Hey Guys!

My name is Jacob and I’m a junior in advertising within the College of Media. My hometown is a place called Fairmount, Illinois about 30 minutes from campus.

My whole life I dreamed of coming to the University of Illinois and the day that my orange envelope arrived in the mail, my whole life changed. Although I began my Illinois journey in DGS, I quickly decided after attending my first ever college lecture taught by Steve Hall (an award winning advertising professor) that advertising would be the career path for me. So I kept my grades up and became super involved in media-related activities on campus and successfully transferred into the College of Media.

Coming from a small town and being homeschooled for all of my pre-college education, many wondered if I would be able to successfully translate my previous academic success into something wonderful on such a large campus. Although there were a few buildings and restaurants that I initially needed help finding, I quickly found my place in this large and dynamic world. My transition from homeschooling to the University of Illinois proves that anyone from any background can succeed and thrive on our beautiful campus.

For me, one of the greatest unforeseen advantages of choosing Illinois is that there are innumerable opportunities to get involved with the campus community and to promote social justice. As soon as I moved into Snyder Hall (my residence hall), I became super involved in the hall council board that planned events for my residence hall. This led to me having the opportunity to became an RA today. I truly believe that this is one of the most unique aspects of being an Illinois community member.

I look forward to my next few years in the College of Media as well. Advertising is something that I am truly passionate about because I believe it is the nexus of art and business. Every time I walk into an advertising class or attend a weekly American Adverting Federation meeting, I fall in love with my major all over again. For those of us in the College of Media, there are boundless opportunities to work closely with others in the community on media-related projects including great organizations such as WPGU, The Daily Illini, The Buzz, and the American Advertising Federation.

Well, that’s my story so far! I look forward to writing all about my experiences at Illinois. I hope to share a lot of knowledge and experience that has helped me so far. That can include looking back at my time in DGS or finding great restaurants on campus or even how establishing a group chat with all of your Illinois friends can keep you more connected than you would have ever thought. There is a lot of exciting aspects to being on such a diverse and truly unique campus such as the University of Illinois. With all of this being said, GO ILLINI!!!