Class of 2020

Elementary Education

College of Education

Rachel's Bio

Hi, my name is Rachel!

I am a freshman studying Elementary Education in the hope of becoming a fifth grade language arts teacher. Someday, I may pursue a Masters in Speech Pathology to become a speech therapist. I am from Vernon Hills, Illinois—a small Northwest suburb (my graduating high school class had only 306 students)—so 40,000 students is a huge leap for me! As I begin my journey at Illinois, I cant wait for the new opportunities that lie ahead.

I chose the University of Illinois because it is a prestigious university with extremely successful graduates. But more than that, I chose Illinois because it felt right to me from the very moment I stepped on campus. A crowd of 40,000 turned into a small community, much like my hometown. Walking down Green Street during my tour, I was greeted with smiles and waves from both faculty and students.

I am currently a member of Spoon University and plan to rush a sorority. In high school I was the editor-in-chief of the yearbook, and I love writing in my free time.

I hope my blog will allow you to learn about activities through my experiences! University of Illinois is a wonderful community, and I look forward to helping make it feel a little more like home!