Chi Chi

Class of 2020


College of Applied Health Sciences

Chi Chi's Bio

Hey there! My name is Chisomije Rose Nwoko (but my friends call me Chisom or Chi), and I’m a kinesiology major.

I am the last child by one minute with a twin brother who attends Harvard University, an older brother who is an alum of Illinois, an older sister who graduated from Dominican University, and an oldest brother who went to SIU and Iowa State. I am a first-generation American; My twin and I were born in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, but the rest of my siblings and my parents were born in Nigeria.

I am on the Illini track team as a pole vaulter and sprinter. In addition to that, I love singing, dancing, and socializing with people in general. I love meeting new people, so feel free to comment or come up to me and start a conversation any time!