Class of 2010

Molecular and Cellular Biology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Alessandra's Bio

Hey guys! My name is Alessandra, and I’m a Molecular and Cellular Biology major. After graduation, I plan to attend medical school in Chicago.

I’m also very pumped about getting the chance to talk to you about my experience as a pre-health student at Illinois. Funny thing though – I did not start out with medicine on my horizon! I actually came into Illinois as a Psychology major wanting to work in a non-profit agency. Yet through various volunteering experiences on campus and in New York City and Mexico, I realized medicine would expand my potential to help others.

Yet, no matter if you’re pre-health or want to stay far away from sick people, my hope is to inspire you to get outside of your comfort zone. Don’t tell my professors, but I’ve learned so much more outside the classroom than in it! From leading an alternative spring break trip to helping bring a Women’s Resource Center to Illinois, I’ve had countless challenges and triumphs during my short time here. My experiences have given me priceless insights on persistence, teamwork, and hope that I wouldn’t have found in Foellinger Auditorium!

I cannot wait to share my stories with you about my time at Illinois. I hope they inspire you to get outside your comfort zone. Maybe you will also stumble upon a new career choice. Who knows – you might just even surprise yourself!