Class of 2015

Accountancy & Information Systems

College of Business

Kelis's Bio

Hello, My name is Kelis, and I’m in the College of Business.

I grew up in Dolton, Illinois, and I attended Thornton Township High School. In high school, I had a “work hard, play hard” mentality, a mindset that I plan to uphold throughout college and post-graduate life.

I chose to attend the University of Illinois for various reasons. Illinois offers a variety of majors, all of which are reputable. This was something that was very important to me, especially since I didn’t declare a major right away.

My other key reason for choosing Illinois was for the social life. I have always been someone who likes to get involved, and there is ALWAYS something going on here. The university offers over 1,000 organizations, from skydiving to finance clubs. Besides extracurricular activities, there are many other events to attend, such as free movies, concerts, and football games. I knew that by coming here, I would receive the best of the quintessential college experience.

I hope that through my blogs I will be able to assist you in your academic, social, and life endeavors.