Class of 2016

Molecular & Cellular Biology

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Sivani's Bio

Hey guys, I’m Sivani!

I’m a James Scholar majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology (more commonly and lovingly known as MCB), and I’m thinking about double majoring in Psychology as well. I’ve been pre-med since I knew what a doctor was! After my time at Illinois, I hope to attend medical school with the goal of becoming a cardiologist. Even though I went to high school in Aurora, Illinois, I’ve lived in over 9 cities in 5 different states across the Midwest and Southeastern United States.

Why Illinois? Here were my reasons:

  1. It had to snow where I went to school; I grew up in the Midwest and was not going to part with my magical winter wonderland.
  2. I wanted a Quad. I loved the idea of a school having a central location every person, be it faculty or student, would wander across at some point in their university experience. I walk to all my classes via the Quad and love the history that has taken place there; hopefully I’ll be able to make some history of my own on it!
  3. Illinois has powerhouse research facilities. I knew coming into college that I wanted the opportunity to engage in hypothesis-driven, hard-hitting research, and Illinois’ incredibly prestigious name and programs beckoned.
  4. I wanted a wholesome college experience. Here I’m able to balance rigorous academics with fulfilling extra curricular opportunities while also meeting new people with interesting lives every day. Diversity at Illinois is omnipresent, and you’re guaranteed to meet people from completely different worlds than you!

So far at Illinois, I’ve joined several RSOs (Registered Student Organizations) pertaining to my professional goals and thirst for fun. The short list of these activities includes AMSA (American Medical Students Association), Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Professional Society/Fraternity, and MCB LIGASE (Linking Illini with a General Appreciation for Science in the Environment). I write a health blog for the Illinois chapter of HerCampus and also work in a psychology research lab on campus.

Through this blog, I hope to be able to share my college experiences with you guys and demonstrate why Illinois is your best fit!