Living on your own for the first time is quite an adventure! Our bloggers’ residential life experiences and advice will help make your transition to life on campus an easy one.

Congratulations, you’ve been admitted! Now what?

Posted by Zoe

December 16, 2016

New International Illini: Next Steps for Fall 2017

Posted by Amber

December 15, 2016


Posted by Jacob

December 3, 2016

Sandwiches On Sunday

Posted by Jacob

October 23, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Private Certified Housing

Posted by Rachel

September 6, 2016

The Stress of Move-In Day

Posted by Rachel

August 22, 2016

Involvement in Your Residence Hall

Posted by Jacob

August 10, 2016

What does Illinois have to offer? Visit campus to find out!

Posted by Zoe

May 17, 2016

Disability Culture at Illinois

Posted by James

April 26, 2016

Talk like an Illini

Posted by Veronica

April 11, 2016

California to Illinois

Posted by Ria

April 5, 2016

Admitted Transfer Next Steps

Posted by Liv

April 1, 2016

Reader Question: Will I be Able to Sleep in the Dorms?

Posted by James

March 29, 2016

Dorm Areas: Illinois Street

Posted by James

March 28, 2016

Dorm Areas: Ikenberry Commons

Posted by James

March 26, 2016

Choosing the School for YOU

Posted by Alec

March 21, 2016

An Illini Spring Break

Posted by Sassy

March 17, 2016

Dorm Areas: Florida Avenue Residence Halls

Posted by James

February 28, 2016

My Experience in Private Certified Housing

Posted by Kenny

February 27, 2016

Dorm Areas: Allen Hall

Posted by James

February 23, 2016