LAS Awards Ceremony

Today was the LAS Honors Awards Ceremony, which they have every spring to honor juniors who have gotten department awards and seniors who are graduating as James Scholars (honors program), who won awards, or who are on the Bronze Tablet (top 3% of college). I wasn’t sure if I should attend or not, because I can literally feel the stress giving me an ulcer right now. I stayed up until 2 AM last night working on my chemistry paper, have spent today glued to my computer working on an anthropology paper, and after I’m done with this little break of writing on the blog, I’ll be starting yet ANOTHER anthropology paper. Ahh!

In the end, my mom convinced me that it was important for me to go. And to be honest, I was feeling a little sentimental, too. It’s hard to believe that these are my last days as an undergrad! So I decided to participate. I got dressed up and headed to Lincoln Hall, where all the students lined up for the procession into Foellinger Auditorium.

Going into Foellinger was kind of cool…I’ve taken a few classes there, but I had never seen it so full with parents, families, and well-dressed students–most people show up to class in jeans and sweatshirts, rather than dresses and professional attire. The Assistant Dean, who gave the introductory remarks, first thanked us all for being there and said that for the next hour, we should try to forget all of our pressing assignments and research projects. I thought it was funny, because that’s exactly what I was trying to do!

After a few speeches, we proceeded across the stage one by one to shake hands with the Dean of our college, get our photos taken, and get our congratulatory certificates from the Honors Dean of LAS. Then came what I was looking forward to–the reception, which had tons of yummy fruit. It was also nice to catch up with some of the other seniors there.

Well, afterwards, the gnawing feeling returned…so back to work I go!

P.S. I should admit…having so much work to do is definitely my own fault. If I had worked on these papers more evenly over the last few weeks, maybe I’d be better off…but a lot of students don’t do this!


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