Featured Dorm: Allen Hall/Unit One

I have heard many great things about Allen Hall, although I have never lived there. Located on the east side of campus near CRCE (Campus Recreation Center East), Allen Hall is most known for being a Living Learning Community. Why, you ask? Certain courses are offered in the basement of Allen Hall, so you don’t even have to leave the building to go to class. That means you can go to class in your PAJAMAS!! You can go to any class in your pajamas, but please refer to my very first post as a blogger, 10 Reasons to Dress Nice for School. I believe classes in Allen Hall are exceptions, though.

Allen Hall’s motto is “A Creative Community in a Small College Environment.” If you are artistic or interested in literature or the arts as a major or hobby, Allen Hall would be perfect for you! Check out this link to read about the Guests-in-Residence. These are people who visit Allen Hall to interact with residents through workshops, non-academic programs, and informal discussions.

Allen Hall is a co-ed, non-air conditioned dorm very near CRCE, McKinley Health Center, and Stanley Illini Grove. If you are concerned about not being in the center of campus, don’t be. Allen Hall is located on many MTD bus lines, which makes it very accessible from any place on campus.

Take a tour of Allen Hall or visit the housing website!



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January 23, 2012, 10:59 pm

Hi Samantha!
I’m an incoming freshman and i think so far allen hall and presby are my top choices, but certainly nothing is set in stone yet. I’m not very artsy, but i love art and music. Do you think allen hall would be a good match, or should I just apply to Presby? For me, my top priorities are a good social environment and somewhere where I can get my work done. But i’m not worried too much about the latter since i can always go to the library for quietude. I’m worried that if I choose Presby, i won’t get as much of a social experience than if i choose university housing.



January 26, 2012, 11:28 pm

Hi Lena,

I am glad you have narrowed down your decision! Have you visited either of the dorms yet? If not, I would suggest doing so. You can learn a lot just by walking into the place! I wouldn’t be worried about the Presby not being social. From my experience, PCH is just as social as regular dorms. It really is what you make of it. Also, you certainly don’t have to be artsy to live in Allen! I would say that Presby will be a nicer place to live since it is only a few years old and it is very central campus. However, other aspects of Allen might attract you more. You will only be living there for 8 months of your college career.

I would suggest talking to people who have lived in either dorm before and visiting both! Find Facebook groups of current students or the University of Illinois page and ask them what they think.

Good Luck!


Asutosh katyal

March 31, 2012, 11:13 am

Hi,Samantha ,thanks for the information,I would be obliged if you could suggest which dorm I should opt for as I will be joining as a freshman for computer engineering ,and I am into body building,and workouts.So if you could suggest me a dorm where I could study as well which is close to a fully equipped gymnasium.I would like to stay alone in my room,as I enjoy my privacy.pls suggest.



April 2, 2012, 8:34 pm


I would suggest a dorm by the ARC or CRCE. These dorms would include Barton, Forbes, Garner, Hopkins, Lundgren, Scott, Snyder, Taft, Van Doren, Weston, Allen, Busey Evans, and Shelden-Leonard. However, I am not sure what each of their policies are on having a single room. I encourage you to call them or look on the housing website to see what each has to offer.

Good Luck!