Why did you choose to teach at Illinois?

I chose to teach at Illinois because of its reputation as a tremendous university.
-Kevin Pitts

I was a postdoctoral researcher at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory when I was thinking about the next step in my career. Should I try to become a faculty member? Work at a national lab? Go to the private sector? Just about that time, a friend of mine told me that the Physics Department at the University of Illinois was looking for an experimental high energy physicist. “That’s a dream job,” I said. “I know some of the people in that department, and they are the best.” Some really good people applied for that position, but somehow, someway, they chose me. And I was right, it is a dream job. The environment, the faculty, the staff, and the resources are all outstanding. But most of all, it’s the students. The faculty and staff make this institution very good, but the students make this university great.


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