LAS Honors Ceremony

This past Sunday I was invited to attend the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Honors ceremony. The ceremony was held to recognize James Scholar students, Bronze Tablet recipients, and selected departmental academic awards. As a James Scholar, I have thrived on the academic privileges we are lucky enough to have here at Illinois.

To be able to celebrate my journey with the James Scholar program was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed seeing the other graduating honors students and hearing about their plans after graduation. I felt a sense of pride for the amazing futures that my classmates are about to embark on. Many of the students are on their way to get masters degrees and many others are going to medical school. I felt that I was no longer in a room with college students, but rather professionals who have grown past their youth. This gave me a thrilling feeling of adulthood and the upcoming years.

The speaker made an analogy of our journey to the art of cartography. She said that we had followed the path on the map so well until now and that is why we were being recognized. However, from this point on, we are in uncharted land. We can no longer hold on to that map as a crutch; instead, we have to find our own way. This made me feel a sense of intrigue for the unknown because the unknown is what you make of it. Having the map has been a wonderful guide over the years and I needed it to get to where I am. However, in the upcoming years, I hope to chart my own piece of the map. I am proud of my fellow students and I am looking forward to discovering what they do with their piece of the map.


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May 4, 2012, 5:10 pm

Can you describe some of your experiences and privledges in the James scholar program?