Krannert Center: Discover a Home Away from Home!

By Matt Renne, advertising and publicity intern, Krannert Center

Graduation day had come and gone, and soon the summer would be over. I was so ready to begin the next phase of my life; I couldn’t wait to be off to college. The University of Illinois represented a whole world of new opportunities for me, but I still wanted to stay involved with the things I already loved. Music and theatre had become a tremendous part of my life during high school, and I could never see it without them. My goal was to find a way to achieve this at college. Though it took a little bit of time, I stumbled through the front door of my new home with a little bit of a push.

After enrolling in Theatre 101, I was introduced to Krannert Center and all its different types of events. As part of our coursework, we were required to attend and critique three Krannert Center performances. This was so great for me, because it actually made me get up and go see a show at the Center. I really got a great taste for what Krannert Center offered, and learned about the different venues within the main building. Also with Theatre 101, our class was given a tour of the facility. Actually touring through the different levels was amazing as I got to see all the different departments that collaborate to produce the Center’s works. I remember walking around the costume shop and getting to see pieces that were so different from each other being worked on at the same time, because there were several shows going on, and thinking how crazy it must be to juggle so much.

The following semester, I had the opportunity be in an Armory Free Theatre show, and we rehearsed in Krannert Center. For me, working within the walls of the building gave me a sense of pride and helped me fall even more in love with theatre. After rehearsing in Krannert Center, I decided to look for career guidance within its staff for one of my classes. I had not been happy with my major, and was exploring other options. I had always been very involved in event planning and management, so I decided to look into advertising. I sought out the Advertising and Publicity Director and instantly had a connection as our past interests and histories were so similar. I followed up, and am now interning at Krannert Center!

Though I’ve only been here a short time, I can already see the great deal of passion and commitment for the arts that permeates the Krannert Center community. The people here love what they are doing, which helps create the art that they so enjoy. Working with all of the varying branches, I am gaining a real look at just how much effort goes into sustaining an organization such as this. Without the drive that they have, it would be almost impossible to pull off all of the fantastic events that are put on here. Krannert Center has given me the perfect outlet to combine my love of the arts with my future career.

I have already gained a great deal of experience, and cannot wait to see myself continue to learn here as the year progresses. As a youngster in the Krannert Center family, I can see that the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is not so much a center as it is a home. A home for anyone who has even the slightest interest in any kind of performance, for someone looking to expand their work experience, or for someone who just needs a place to escape to.

I am so happy that I was able to discover Krannert Center and to call it my home away from home.


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