Toronto Trip – PHOTO BLOG

¬†For my last post of 2014, I wanted to create a photo blog to share with you all what I’ve been up to for the past couple of days and also take a break from the College Student Gift Guide posts to share what I truly believe the holiday season is all about – family. I’ve been so lucky to spend a lot of time with my own family over winter break so far, which is quite rare as both of my parents work and my dad even travels internationally for his job. Yet, birthdays and holidays are always done up in my household, and my father’s holiday birthday is no exception. Here’s a quick getaway we took to Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

It’s pretty chilly up in Canada, but it was also surprisingly warm, with temperatures in the later forties and early fifties! Although, I did have some issues converting between the Celsius and Fahrenheit temps, and don’t even get me started on the metric system! This was pretty much the standard uniform for me up in the Great White North.


picture 3

I loved staying in Downtown Toronto – the heart of the city! We were blessed with a sunny day or two, but not even the gray skies could dull this beautifully sleepy Sunday morning waking up in Canada.


picture 4

Meals were pretty much all buffet-style, and I really had to control myself when it came to desert stations like this one in a restaurant we visited in Brampton, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto).

picture 5

Are you truly in Canada if you don’t stop at a Tim Hortons? We might be getting a taste of the coffee chain in America soon!

picture 7

We had lunch at the 360 revolving restaurant in the CN tower, one of the tallest free-standing tower structures in the world and the pinnacle of the Toronto skyline. The meal was designed to showcase French-Canadian cuisine, and it certainly did not disappoint! The picture on the right was my desert – Canadian Water Buffalo yogurt with fruit compote! I wish I can eat it again and again!

picture 8

This trip was a fantastic way to close the 2014 year, and one of several highlights I had over the past twelve months. Look forward to a new year of tips, photos, and regular blog posts coming your way from me in 2015, starting with more College Resolutions and organizational ideas!


Happy New Years Eve!




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