Why Illinois? Conclusion: Opportunities

Well, hello University Admissions readers. I’m sorry I disappeared around spring break and didn’t come back until now. I’ve been busy finishing up my last few assignments as an undergraduate. As of right now, graduation is officially 20 days away, which is crazy. For some high school seniors, the college choice deadline is even closer: 4 days.

So here’s my last reason for coming to the University of Illinois: opportunities.

Every post on this blog has been about an opportunity I received here at Illinois. I’ve had the chance to be a leader, study abroad, take really interesting classes, meet my best friends, present at national conferences, and work at great companies because the University of Illinois offers so many amazing opportunities to its students.

Over the past month, I’ve served on many different student panels for admitted student lunches with Women in Engineering. Whenever they ask to summarize what’s awesome about Illinois in one word, I answer with opportunities. These opportunities changed my life. By participating in undergraduate research, I learned I didn’t want to go graduate school for chemical engineering research. By leading a consulting group, I learned more about project management, which led me to pick my full-time job with Shell.

I don’t know what will happen after graduation. I do know I’m moving to Texas, but there’s still large parts of my future that remain unknown. Who will my friends be next year? Will I get married? Will I live abroad someday? Will I be a leader in my future community? There’s only so much I can plan, but I have to wait for the pieces of my life to continue falling into place.

What I do know? When I get opportunities to try something new, I will say yes even if I’m scared. My past four years at the University of Illinois taught me to take chances, especially if I don’t know what the outcome may be. When I say yes to opportunities, I say yes to changing my perspective on life, and that is worth it.


Here at Illinois, I’ve had the opportunity to meet all these wonderful people and call them my friends. This picture is from the Chemical Engineering Senior Mixer last Friday.



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