Senior Specials – Christine in Industrial Engineering

Today’s Senior Special focuses on a person who has been a regular on this blog – my sophomore roommate, Christine. Her unique journey at the University of Illinois has taken her through multiple colleges, majors, and minors. Furthermore, her extracurricular involvement is extensive and quite remarkable. Here’s her story:


Name: Christine

Hometown: La Grange, Illinois

High School: Lyons Township High School


What was your major/s and career goals when you first came to the University of Illinois?

I wanted to study History and Political Science to either become a Diplomat or Civil Rights Lawyer.

What is your current major and current goals for your career?

Industrial Engineering specializing in Quality Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. My plan for right now is to become a Strategy Consultant after graduation.

What made you decide to transfer?

I didn’t feel challenged in History, the subject matter I thought was interesting but by the end of the year I felt pretty confident in my ability to do analysis, write papers, and create solid thesis – so I starting looking for a new challenge. I am a Type A personality and am obsessed with making things work better and more efficient. Turns out this is what Industrial Engineers do – perfect!

What extracurricular activities are you involved in at U of I?

Model United Nations at Illinois

How did you get involved with those RSOs?

I’ve been a member of MUN since my Sophomore year of high school – I’ve been doing it for ages and you get to meet so many new and interesting people from all over the country and even the world!

Have you held any internships or job-shadowing positions so far?

I’m currently a Financial Services Cybersercurity & Privacy Consulting Intern at PwC.(Price Waterhouse Cooper)

 Have you held any jobs on or off campus during your time in college?

I’ve had a few odd jobs on campus such as CS 105 Lab Assistant and Textbook Associated at TIS Bookstore.

As for Off-Campus, I am the Program Director for a Chicago based Model United Nations conference called the Chicago International Model United Nations (CIMUN) held every December. It’s basically like having a full time job on top of school work, but I love the people and it is such a rewarding experience.

If you could go back in time to the summer before your freshman year, what advice would you give yourself?

Try everything – now is the time to experiment and truly figure out who you are.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time at college?

What free time?

Best food on campus?

Black Dog

What is your favorite place on campus?

The Quad on a sunny day

Where is your favorite place to study on campus?

Fourth Floor of Grainger, if that’s packed I usually head to the computer labs in MEL.

Best Gen-Ed you’ve taken so far?

The Ocean with Professor Stewart

Freshman dorm?

Bromley Hall

Proudest moment during your collegiate career?

When I was notified that my request to transfer into the College of Engineering was approved.


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