Your Early August Freshman Timeline

Okay guys, school starts in SIXTEEN DAYS! Where did the summer go? It’s time to start biding adieu to work friends, Netflix (not really), and your pre-teen bedroom and get ready for college! Here are some things you should be thinking about doing before Move-In Day!

1. Have one last hurrah with your high school besties – Hopefully it’s not too late, and some of your friends from high school have not already left for university yet. Before I started my freshman year, my friends and I did a nice dinner as a way to say a temporary goodbye. You definitely don’t want to forget about your hometown gang before heading off to college, and some of your friends might not be coming back until Thanksgiving/Fall Break. Make sure you take some pictures and share laughs one last time before heading off to school. Be sure to make plans to see each other soon!

2. Update your technology – I didn’t get a laptop until I went to college, so I spent the month of August pouring over reviews and window shopping in stores. Now that I’m on Laptop #2, I’m making sure to bring all of my tech up-to-speed before moving down to Champaign. For me, this included updating to Windows 10 (which is super cool and I really love!), running some anti-virus scans, deleting old coursework, and backing up my work. Really do some research on the laptop/tablets you plan on investing in for college, and make sure they can hold up to the workload you anticipate having!

3. Wrap up your volunteering/internship/jobs – I always make sure to leave a handwritten thank-you note for each of my supervisors at my volunteering opportunities. I’ve really enjoyed myself this past summer and do not want to close the door on these opportunities after graduation. I also take pictures and share thanks with my incredible colleagues, and keep them updated throughout the school year. You never know who can help you out in the future!

4. Packing – Trust me on this oneĀ  – DON’T LEAVE THE PACKING UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE. I plan to use this upcoming week to go through my old boxes and bags from last year and figure out what I need to purchase before moving in again. Packing is an arduous process, but do yourself a favor and download one of the comprehensive “dorm to-buy lists” online and check with your future roommate to see which items you can share and split. I find that packing slowly over time helps me remember everything I need and keeps my stress levels under control.

5. Have fun! – Don’t forget to visit your favorite hometown frozen yogurt place or run that trail over by your high school that you’ve worked out on every week during this summer. Make a shadow box for Summer 2015 or a scrapbook to give to friends. Get some reading in for fun before purchasing textbooks and other school supplies. Or, if you’re like me, go school supply shopping and hit up Target or Office Depot for cute stationary! Whatever keeps you calm and gets you excited for your future four years as an Illini!


Happy last few days of summer!





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