Buying Books

Hey guys,

Something else I thought I would write about would be how to buy books from the Illini bookstore, or finding other places to get books from. The first week of classes can be pretty crazy, trying to find all of your class locations and getting everything you need to be prepared for the semester, but buying books is possibly the hardest part. Books are not only expensive, they can be hard to find at the Illinois bookstore and if you wait to buy them the first week, they might run out of the book you need. The Illinois bookstore on campus can also get pretty packed the first week as well, because everyone needs books but buying books can be really easy if you take these precautions.

1. Check the buying price of the books online.
When I went to the bookstore to find my book, my book was listed at a price of 72$ to rent and when I went back a few days later to buy it, the buying price of the book increased and so did the renting price and I wasn’t able to buy my book because I didn’t have my mom forward me enough money so, to avoid this mess check the buying price right before you buy or ask questions at the checkout desk to make sure the price listed is accurate.

2. Ask questions!
Like I said in tip #1, ask questions! I’m not the best at asking questions because I get anxious in stores especially when they’re crowded, but asking questions will really help expedite the buying process and help you figure out what is required of you. If you can’t find your book, there’s a desk for questions under the main floor, you can ask them to see if they have your book and if they don’t they can buy more books for you and then you would have to wait. If you do find your book, but your books are paid for through FAFSA, call the financial aid office and ask what the process is. FAFSA will deposit money into your direct deposit account about a week after classes start and that money will be given to you so you can buy your books.

3. Check for your books online before classes start.
When I got my art supply list, it also told me the books I would need for my classes (luckily, I only needed one) but like an idiot I decided to wait on looking for the book until classes started. If you are given the name(s) of the books you need, you should start looking online for price ranges and various ways to get it. You can rent, buy used, buy new, or get an ebook. Also, check various (legal) websites to buy from like and and compare their prices to the prices of the books on the Illinois bookstore website ( I think it would be best to find these other sources before coming to campus, but to wait until classes start to buy because some teachers would rather you have a hard copy over an ebook.

4. RELAX. Talking to my mom over the phone trying to figure out everything, I realized I was overthinking about a lot of different things, but especially about buying books. The first week your teachers will give you time to get your books before they start assigning things that require you to use them. If you do need your books immediately when classes start, the best thing to do would be to order used copies offline and pay for them to ship in a day, or to explain to your professor that you don’t have access to a textbook and then ask how you can gain access to one until you are able to buy yours.

Hope this helps! Bye! 🙂


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