Why Going Home isn’t the Same Anymore

I decided to go home for Labor Day weekend to see my friends and family. Not because I particularly wanted to, but because my mother was dying to see me. I could say that everything was just perfect and it was an extravagant homecoming, but I would be lying. To be honest, I missed it here! It was great to see my family and friends, but Champaign really feels like home now. I mean can you have cookies delivered to your house at 2 in the morning at home? We are living the dream here! Dependence is not all it’s cracked up to be. Having my parents there 24/7 for 18 years was great and all, but being here on my own has really been an eye opener for me. Throughout our lives we try to find out who we are, and I had no idea until I dove head first into the great big world unknown……Wow did that sound deep! But I’m serious! This whole independence thing is easy to get used to!

School will always be stressful, but the time you spend outside of class is what really matters. The people you meet will become family, and the memories you make with them will stay with you forever. I’m not saying you won’t miss home and the people you leave behind, but I am saying that you will make a new home out of this amazing place. So I say that going home is not the same anymore, not because I don’t enjoy going home for a visit, but because that is exactly what it feels like now. It’s just a visit. And saying that feels a little weird at first, but it’s growing on me. Now I just have to get used to this “bed” that I’ll be sleeping on for the next 9 months. Here’s a tip! Get the biggest mattress pad you can find. It’s worth the cost.


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