In the admissions world, September through early November is known as travel season. This is the time when we admissions representatives become #RoadWarriors and travel the country to meet students who are interested in attending Illinois.

After spending a week in Texas, I can say that I officially love meeting with you all (or should I say y ’all)! It is such fun to answer your questions and help you understand more about Illinois.

I’m heading out again this week, and this time I’ll be visiting schools near my hometown in rural northwest Illinois! As I prepare to meet new students, I have some thoughts I’d like to share with any of you who will soon have an admissions counselor visiting your school:

A lot of information can be found online, but there is invaluable information you can receive only from someone who lives and breathes the admissions process and the campus. Are you wondering what we’re hoping to read in your essay? Who better to ask than someone who reads the essays?! Do you want to know what the campus community and vibe is like? Who better to ask than someone who lives there?

Aside from visiting high schools, we also attend college fairs. At college fairs, many colleges – sometimes hundreds – will set up a table in an area like a gym. These fairs are a great opportunity for you to speak with representatives from a number of colleges all in one night. You can get basic information, ask some of your burning questions, and get the admissions rep’s contact information in order to connect with them in the future.

My last words of wisdom are this – do not be afraid to talk to your admissions rep! I really look forward to and enjoy having conversations with students at high school visits and college fairs. I love hearing about your life, your passions, and also your confusions..and I want to do my best to assist you in this process! I know my colleagues feel the same.

Want to find out if the University of Illinois is coming to an area near you? When you create a myIllini account, we let you know if we are attending any public events (such as college fairs) near you. You can also follow us on Twitter for updates on what schools we’re visiting!


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