Sunday in Downtown Urbana

Q: What’s the best part about going to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign?

A: We get two downtowns!!

Today, after hearing so much about it, I finally made the trip to downtown Urbana. It seemed pretty quiet and small in comparison to downtown Champaign, but it has plenty of its own charm. Some highlights:

Flying Machine Coffee: I’m currently writing from this very spot—it’s the perfect place to meet with friends or be productive. In addition to coffee, they also serve all sorts of delicious pizzas (I might just order one and write a post about it later.)

My Iced Americano Coffee

My Iced Americano Coffee


See You CD & Vinyl: If you’re on the hunt for some new tunes, look no further! This is the cutest little record store—I was so tempted to pick something up, but I guess I’d have to buy a record player first…

Priceless Books: We stopped at this used bookstore and almost got lost in the maze of shelves (in a good way!) One could easily kill a few hours browsing their collection.

A view of the book stacks

A view of the book stacks

Farmer’s Market: From May through November, you can check out the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, open 7AM-12PM.

I try to go downtown as frequently as possible over weekends—it’s nice to leave campus and switch things up a bit. If you’re visiting campus soon, I’d definitely recommend checking out both downtown Urbana, as well as downtown Champaign 🙂


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