Admitted Next Steps: International

The wait is over, and decisions are finally here!  Let’s start by taking a moment to let it all sink in …

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There, isn’t that better?

Now, you are probably wondering what is next. Never fear, that is what I am here for! Here are a few things to get you started:


We will start with the basics. Some of you may have questions about what your decision means. I would encourage you to check out Liv’s blog from last week. She has detailed explanations on what things like Admitted to Alternate Choice, Pending Special Requirement, and Wait List mean.

Acceptance Letters

We do not mail Notice of Admission (NOA) letters internationally. However, we do make your official NOA available at the end of February through your Admitted Student Checklist (it’s at the bottom under Additional Information).

Accepting Your Offer

The next step from here is to accept your offer, and you can do this through your myIllini account by May 1. Remember to take your time, explore your options, and ask questions. It is a big decision, and you probably have a lot of great choices. We hope you choose Illinois, but you need to take time to make the best decision for you and your family.

University Housing

Applying for University Housing can only be done after you accept your offer, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Students are given random times to select housing as long as they complete the housing application by May 15. This means it doesn’t matter if you accept your offer and submit your housing application today or on May 1st; you have the same chances of getting an early housing selection date.



You will need your I-20 before you can apply for your student visa. We recommend submitting your I-20 application as soon as you have made your decision and gathered the needed documents. Remember, you can’t submit your I-20 application until after you accept your offer of admission. Don’t forget to look at our Obtaining a Student Visa page for details on what you will need to complete the application.


This one is a little early, but some of you may already be looking at booking flights to come to campus this fall. Remember, while classes start on Monday, August 22, International Orientation is Monday, August 15 to Thursday, August 18. All students should plan on arriving a day or so before orientation to get settled. International Student and Scholar Services has a website full of resources for students to take advantage of prior to coming to campus, including information on orientation and check-in for international students.

For more dates and deadlines, check out Veronica’s blog, Dates and Deadlines: Application to Enrollment.


Now … back to the celebrating!!!

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