The Moment You Found Out You’re An Illini With GIFs

So today you found out you’re an Illini! I’ll always remember the moment I found out I was an Illini. I was sitting after school with my school newspaper helping to lay out the next issue. So when the time came, I frantically logged into myIllini and saw that I had made it. It was a great moment because my newspaper knew how badly I wanted to get into the school.

So, I do know exactly how you all felt today.

But here’s how you were probably feeling all day at school …


Your friends applying here probably felt the same way. (I remember feeling sick to my stomach the whole day. It was hard paying attention in class.)

giphy (1)

But, you tried to keep it cool, even when people asked, “Are you nervous?”

giphy (2)

Finally, it’s time to check whether you made it or not. You log on …

giphy (3)

You read the words, “You’re an Illini!”

giphy (4)

You can’t┬ábelieve your eyes, so you read it again. It finally sets in that you’re an Illini!

giphy (5)

You probably want to do some backflips, right?

giphy (6)


You should be proud that you got into one of the best univerisities in the world. You deserve it! The moment I got into this school, I knew I was going to commit to coming. I recommend you should too. If you need any more convincing, you should read the other blogs.


Congrats once again!


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