Life as a Finance Major

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I last posted, so I want to begin by saying congratulations to all you new Illini (and I’m sorry I’m almost 2 weeks late)! You should be so proud of yourselves, you did it!! You’re in for a wonderful time of growth and personal development, regardless of which school you end up choosing.

Speaking of growth, I wanted to talk about life since declaring as a Finance major. Now that I’m a second-semester sophomore, I’m mostly taking classes that count toward my degree and are within the College of Business. I’m currently in FIN 300 (Financial Markets), which is a notoriously hard finance class, but I have to say I’m actually learning a lot. Right now we’re working on an investment simulation through UISES. It’s a cool way to test different investment strategies and build a stock portfolio (with fake money, of course).

It’s a totally different feeling when you’re in a classroom surrounded by people who are just as passionate about the subject as you are. I guess the biggest difference is that we’re now not only expected to ace our assignments, but also to be experts about what’s going on in the real world—cue Yahoo! Finance and the Wall Street Journal. It can be a little intimidating sometimes, but I’m enjoying the learning process. I’m hoping that as a result of surviving FIN 300, I’ll actually know what I’m talking about (or at least sound like I do) when it comes to all things finance.

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Emily Mok

May 9, 2016, 5:42 pm

Hi Ria! I am an incoming freshman admitted to the College of Business and I was wondering what classes to take for my first semester at UIUC. Do you have any recommendations?