Grainger Library at 4 a.m.

After taking both Computer Engineering and Statistics courses for one year, I finally decided to apply for a dual major degree my sophomore year. Being a dual major student means having a lot of work. Even though I am not taking ECE 374 or ECE 391 (those are two very difficult courses, and everyone who has taken them recommends to mark them as 10 credit courses because of the heavy workload), I still have plenty of work in both my ECE and STAT classes.

Last week, I had the heaviest workload ever in this semester: four pieces of homework, two labs, one demonstration, one midterm, and my job as a grader. Therefore, I decided to stay at Grainger Library until I finishes most of my work in order to have some time to do some review for my upcoming midterm. I finally got my work done at about 3:50 in the morning, and there were still plenty of people studying. Most of them were pretty serious and concentrating on their own work. I carefully collected my stuff trying not to bother them. When I left the library, I looked back and enjoyed Grainger Library’s brightly lit image.

Grainger Engineering Library is my favorite library for sure because it provides various options for us. If I want to take a break while studying with my friends, I can choose to sit at the food area on the first floor and enjoy a cup of coffee from Espresso Royale. It is also the right place to have a quick meal and get back to study right after eating. If I want to finish a group project for a class, I can go to the fourth floor or even reserve a room for two hours. The group study rooms have a big table, a sufficient amount of chairs, a whiteboard, and a TV for presentations. If I want to study alone quietly with light and enough power plugs, I can spend the whole day on the second or third floor. There is also an Engineering Workstation Lab on the lower floor (also on the fourth floor), and it provides computers with Windows or Linux systems and tons of useful software. Moreover, Grainger Engineering Library is open 24 hours on weekdays! All those reasons make this library a prefect place for studying really, really hard.

When I became a sophomore, I started to understand the big difference between Chinese colleges and American colleges. It is really hard to get into Chinese colleges, but it is easy to graduate because students only need 60/100 to pass courses and they get a chance to retake finals. In contrast, American students need to work really hard and actually learn a lot during their college life. I really cherish my opportunity to chase my dream to be an engineer.

And, of course, I suggest everyone stay healthy and go to bed earlier. 🙂


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