An Illini Spring Break

How goes it, Illini and friends?

It’s almost time for our students to take a break from classes, and they have all sorts of plans! Here are a few things you can expect Illini to do over Spring Break:

Catch up on some serious zzzs.  

Parents, they’ve worked hard. Let them sleep past noon!

Travel the world.

Our students don’t hesitate to see the world, even if it’s just for a week over break. When it comes to studying abroad, Illini have tons of short-term program options—everything from learning about education in France to sustainability and business practices in Costa Rica.


Illini exploring Hong Kong. Illinois Abroad

Lend helping hands and explore global issues. 

When classes are out, Illini also travel across the country to volunteer and attend conferences. University Housing offers a number of experiential opportunities (like Alternative Spring Break below) focused on developing leadership skills and tackling important issues like poverty, healthcare, and sustainability.


Alternative Spring Break in New Orleans. University Housing

Work on job applications. 

Finally, Spring Break is a great time for students to prepare for their futures. Whether Illini are searching for summer jobs or applying for positions post-graduation, Spring Break gives them a full week to tweak those resumes, perfect those cover letters, and polish those interview skills. We know they’re going to nail it!


I hope this gives you a better idea of what you might find our Illini doing with their time off. Myself? I’m going to venture out of my winter hidey-hole and enjoy the first taste of spring!

Squirreling out,




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