What is International Student Orientation?

You are in, you have accepted your offer, and you are ready to book your ticket to Illinois, right?

But wait! Don’t forget about International Student Orientation before you book. This year, students should plan on arriving on or before August 14th.

What is International Student Orientation, you ask? Amber to the rescue—I’ve got your back!

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International Student Orientation is put on by International Student and Scholar Services and New Student Programs, and it is designed to help you understand all of the pieces to studying in the U.S. and at Illinois. The program covers everything from getting a phone to paying your bills.

While there will be some large-group sessions for things like understanding student insurance, students will also break into small groups to discuss their transition. The groups are led by Orientation Leaders, or OLs. These are all current students who have been exactly where you are. They will function as your mentors on campus and will help you figure out things like how to ride the bus or why people keep asking you if you want a pop (it’s soda/cola; no one wants to hit you or examine your pimples, I promise!).

Note that you will have to register for International Student Orientation. This should happen sometime in early May. You will get an email when the registration system opens.

Since this program happens before Move-In Day, you may want to set up early move-in through Campus Housing. If you have family joining you for your first week on campus, don’t worry, we will have programming for parents too.

If you have questions about International Student Orientation, don’t hesitate to ask. You can also email orientation related questions to New Student Programs. We can’t wait to see you this August!


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