Preparing for Spring Finals

Finals are right around the corner (unfortunately), and I am feeling done with school more than ever. Summer is calling my name, but these last few weeks are what matter the most. Especially since I have a final worth 50% of my grade! So I wanted to make a post with some tips about how to stay motivated these last couple of weeks, because trust me, you will be here this time next year.

DISCLAIMER: I am going to be a hypocrite when it comes to these tips, because my motivation is at absolute zero (as in 0 Kelvin for all you Chemistry buffs). But this is what you SHOULD do to prepare for finals:

1. Stay motivated by utilizing the library whenever you can. And by utilizing the library I do not mean taking your computer and watching hours of Netflix while getting no work done. If you go for a couple hours every day, you will really begin to remember the material without overwhelming your brain.

2. Go to sleep early and have a balanced breakfast. Sleeping and eating well—especially breakfast—will help stimulate your brain and cause better concentration.

3. Find friends to study with. This one is only for those who can concentrate on studying while they are with friends, unlike myself. A few people who are in the same boat as you can help you stay motivated since you can motivate each other. Trust me, no one has started studying yet, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some people.

4. And finally, get some R&R (rest and relaxation) going. Go get a cheap massage (I think they give them at the ARC) or your nails done or a premium haircut or something of the sort. It never hurts to take a little break and do something that makes you feel special. I like bubble baths, but unfortunately that is not really an option if you live in a residence hall.

No matter what you choose to do to get ready for finals, remember to stay confident and relaxed. Nothing is worse than going into a final feeling like you studied for hours but have no idea what you are talking about. Good luck everyone, and thanks for reading!


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