Final Week and Summer Plan

The final week is here and I have already taken one final of my hardest class, so I am kind of relieved even though I still have three finals coming. However, my attention is not finals anymore, because I have so many plans in the following months and am so excited to enjoy this summer in the U.S.

Two friends of mine are graduating this May, so I am going to attend their commencement. It is kind of sad to watch friends moving away, but I am definitely very happy for them for getting admitted by their dream master programs. One of them is going to North Carolina to study Statistics and the other one is going to Michigan to study Human Genetics. I have already secretly brought them graduation gifts, and I sincerely hope we can still see each other as often as possible and keep in contact.

I am also planning to visit my BFF in Boston because we haven’t seen each other for a very, very long time. There I will spend my 21st birthday with her, and I am sure I will have a GREAT time because the location doesn’t matter—I will be happy that I am with her.

Starting from June to August, I will stay on campus and take two summer courses. It is true that the tuition is high, but it is definitely worth it because I can get more things done during the summer and take more advanced courses in the fall. The school offers a lot of summer courses, and we can even take some required courses online—yes, we can now take those important courses at home! I know quite a lot of people take online courses to fulfill General Education requirements, because those courses can let them learn something without feeling a lot of pressure when they are at home and enjoying summer break. During the summer, the course materials are compressed, but we actually get more time to focus on limited subjects. Also, I have many friends who are taking summer courses as well, so I won’t be lonely.

It is true that there will be fewer buses, fewer restaurants, and fewer people during the summer, which may make people bored. However, we can better enjoy the empty libraries and gym and have a lot of fun by attending different activities. My friends have a ritual of organizing a barbeque on Independence Day, and this year I can finally participate! Yeah!

I hope everyone has a hardworking but successful final week and a FANTASTIC summer!



Class of 2018
I am double majoring in Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Statistics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. My hometown is a historical and peaceful city called Suzhou, located in southeastern China.