What does Illinois have to offer? Visit campus to find out!

Speaking from personal experience, visiting your future college or university is one of the most important things you can do during the college search process. Why? Because as great as our campus looks online and in brochures, it looks even better in person! There are also a ton of things that you can take advantage of when you visit campus that you just can’t do online.

You can come and visit Illinois a couple different ways. The option most students choose is a Daily Visit. Daily Visits have a standard agenda that includes an information session with an admissions counselor, a question-and-answer session with a student panel, and a guided walking tour of the Quad, but there’s so much time left in the day for you to customize your visit to your interests.

For example, as long as classes are in session, you can observe a class to get a better sense of what a typical one looks like here at Illinois. You can also meet with a faculty member who teaches in your area of interest. This is a great way to get a feel for our academic community, and it’s always good to know that the faculty here really are approachable. All you need to do is indicate that you’d like to set up a college meeting when you sign up for your visit, and we’ll take care of the rest!

Another great way to get to know Illinois is to eat in one of our dining halls. You’re going to be eating this food for at least one year (if not more!), so why not give it a try now? We locally source as much of our food as possible, so stop in for some fresh produce.

Finally, I would recommend seeing a few of our campus landmarks. My personal favorite is the Morrow Plots. They are the United States’ oldest experimental agricultural fields in continuous use. They were first used in 1876 (that’s 140 years ago)! A student favorite is the Alma Mater. During commencement, she gets dressed up in a cap and gown and the graduates line up to take their picture with her.

Throughout this blog post, I’ve listed a few ways you’re able to customize your visit to Illinois, but there are so many other things to check out, too. Feel free to stop by our libraries, Campus Rec centers, and Research Park, just to name a few more options. They’re all phenomenal ways to explore our community.

Also, just a quick reminder: Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, bring your camera and a notebook, and, of course, ask questions!

Are you ready for your visit to Illinois? Let’s hit the road!

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