Sports at Illinois

Here at the University of Illinois, we have so many great sports on display. As a Big Ten University, we are home to a wide array of sporting events that can keep any sports junkie happy. Whether it is football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or anything else, Illinois students always have a sporting event that they can attend. During my time here at Illinois, I have already attended many sporting events; basketball and football happen to be my favorites though.

Illinois basketball games are greatly energized because of our wonderful student section known as Orange Krush. At every home game for the Illinois men’s basketball team, the Orange Krush is court side performing all of the usual Illini dances and rituals to cheer on the team. It is not hard to feel like a true Illini when you are sitting in a section of super excited fans all wearing orange. Joining Orange Krush is not only a great way to experience Illinois Basketball but also take a break from schoolwork. I have truly enjoyed my time in Orange Krush and think that any new Illini will, as well.

Inside Memorial Stadium, Saturdays are very exciting. Block I is the official fan section of Illini football. The student section for football is very exciting because of its interactive nature. At halftime, color cards are handed out to each student in Block I that help to make a giant design for everyone in the stadium to see. It is quite fun to be a part of a fan experience that is creative and well-executed. Down by the field, the marching band plays all of our iconic fight songs and gets the crowd even more pumped up. Overall, Block I is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon or evening. I highly recommend that anyone interesting in Illini sports to give Block I a try.

Although, I have discussed our football and basketball, there is so many more awesome Illinois sports to explore. We even have an amazing club on campus called Illini Pride that coordinates both Block I and Orange Krush. Our university truly takes its athletics seriously and as a result, has a fan experience like no other. Sports are a fundamental aspect of what makes being an Illini so truly amazing.

Illini pregame


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