Lang Lang Concert

Even though I had a lot of work due and one midterm last week, I still went to Krannert Center to watch a piano concert performed by famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang. It was a great experience, and I am really grateful that we have a place like Krannert Center, which can provide various performances and shows along the school year.

The tickets were sold out extremely quickly online during the summer. I lost my internet connect at that time, so I could only watch those good positions going away for the first ten minutes. Luckily, I still got a seat on the main floor. Even before the performance started, there were many Chinese students willing to pay much higher than the original price to get a ticket.

The experience during the concert was fantastic. I have to admit that before that day, I have only seen him in magazines or on TV. He looks great, and he really got the emotion inside the song and fully expressed them. He did not play those very famous songs, but none of them made us bored. Instead, everyone says it was great and he/she just became a fan of him. Many of my friends called the concert “impressive.” It was very nice of him to re-entered the stage for four times for the audiences and signed many autographs for Chinese students. My friend told me that she was so proud when a lady said “He is like a rock star in China!” after seeing so many students asking for his autograph after the performance. I am very proud of him, as well. He is still so young, energetic, and talented, just like what I have read ten years ago.

Different from many other listeners, I basically grew up with his stories since I started to play the piano at a young age. His was literally an example of many young players at my age. It’s definite that he is very talented, and of course, extremely hardworking. I still remember reading an article about how he prepared for a piano competition in the summer when he was around 15 years old. The apartment was very old and had no air conditioner. In order to let him feel cooler during playing, his father continuously poured water on the floor. In order to achieve his global status today, Lang Lang had sacrificed a lot of his personal life and entertainments for sure. I probably would never be excellent as him, but his spirit has a unique mark on my memory.

I also would like to thank Krannert Center for the Performing Arts for giving us so many great opportunities to view those top pianists, orchestras, and shows on the stage at Illinois. The student ticket was as low as $10, but we had a priceless experience.



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