A Week in the Life of an Admissions Counselor

Hey everyone! My name is Zoe, and I’m one of the Admissions Counselors/bloggers here at Illinois. If you want to learn a little bit more about me, click here! Also, if you’re interested in finding out who your admissions counselor is, create a myIllini account to find out!

As admissions counselors we travel a ton throughout the fall both within Illinois and outside of Illinois. We go to high schools, community colleges, college fairs, transfer fairs, etc. The majority of our admissions counselors are also active on social media. So, through our Twitter and Instagram posts I wanted to give you a little peek into a week in the life of an admissions counselor!

Our day usually starts off with (and sometimes ends with) coffee, coffee, and more coffee:


We visit several high schools throughout the school day:



Go to college fairs:



And, of course, we eat (my favorite part besides meeting all of the #FutureIllini)!


But it’s always nice to come back home once we’re done on the road.


Now that you’ve taken a glimpse into the life of an admissions counselor (or should I call us #RoadWarriors?), go ahead and check to see if we’re going to be at your high school or in your area sometime soon! You can do all of that and more through a myIllini account. If you see us out and about, be sure to talk to us! We love talking to students and their families about everything that Illinois has to offer. Get excited and #GoIllini!



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