Having a Pet at School

When you are planning to move to Illinois, you find yourself packing clothes, furniture, food, etc., but one thing some also may be considering packing is a pet. Pets can be a lovely companion at a college and relieve stress at a glance, but they are not something which comes without work.

When I transferred to the University of Illinois, I brought my fifteen-year-old beagle, Snoopy, too. He is a slow moving friend whom greets me in the morning, gives me company in free time, provides someone to walk with on temperate days, and even gives a sense of home. However, he also requires additional attention when he needs to go to outside to the restroom, get fed, and be thought of on busy days.

Courtesy of Jacob G. Sliwa

This was a small trade-off, as during midterm weeks his lone appearance made me smile after the stresses of exams, and his goofy behavior kept me focused in frustrating homework. A pet’s company can be a real benefit for a student, acting as a friend whom takes the edge off grueling days or simply adds life to an apartment or house. Setting up a residency on campus, on the other hand, required some work in order get the benefit described above.

When trying to find pet-friendly places around the school, the first thing one needs to keep in mind is that for most animals, an open area to take them to close by is also necessary. Pets need exercise, and a close outlet is best in keeping them healthy so you are more inclined to take them there. There is also the need to remember their food and wellbeing. And so, it takes effort to stay well-stocked in items to upkeep their wellbeing, making proximity to stores with pet supplies a consideration. Lastly, most places, except singular houses, have other tenants, which makes one inclined to keep their pet extremely well behaved and in accordance with complex rules. With that in mind, bringing a pet to school requires the extra responsibility to keep them quiet, clean, and well behaved during your stay, but that can easily be solved by understanding your pet and knowing how you can handle them so they can handle the rules, such as creating a bathroom schedule and a clean-up-after-your-animal compound.

Therefore, bringing a pet to the University of Illinois can be a great thing bringing you joy and the warmth of home in one package. With just a bit of effort and planning, a pet is well worth the work when just one time they look you in the eye and a rough day just melts away.


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