Electrical and Computer Engineering Building at 1 a.m.

Before I transferred into Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), I prepared for a large workload, hard courses, and projects. However, after staying in this department for one year, I have to say: It really requires a lot of work to be an Engineering student at Illinois.

The course materials are hard, but course staff are willing to offer a lot of help. Through weekdays, there are many office hours hosted by professors or TAs (teaching assistants). It usually takes a short period for instructors to reply a question posted on Piazza (a space for students to post questions for instructors to answer) at any time. Before each midterm, there are always review sessions offered by Eta Kappa Nu (the Illinois chapter of the Electrical and Computer Engineering international honor society) or TAs.

There’s a large workload, but it can be fun, as well. Last week, I did a coding problem about how to solve Sudoku, and this week’s problem is creating our own 2048 game. It was hard, but I enjoy doing them, as well.

It’s pretty common for ECE students to stay up late in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building (or ECEB). However, whenever I leave the building at 12 p.m. or even 2 a.m., there are always other people doing other stuff. I’m very lucky to meet a lot of hardworking students here. They get good grades and research opportunities not just because they are smart, but also because they put a lot of effort into it.

Am I proud of it? Sure.


Taken inside ECEB at 1 a.m.



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Selena Torres

October 31, 2016, 12:41 am

Woah! That’s amazing! The dedication really shines through in the photo. I’m excited to take part soon!