It’ll Happen To You, Too

So here I am—a mere 3 weeks since my last post about “Getting Your Priorities Straight”—and I have fallen victim to not practicing what I have been preaching. I actually saw a funny post on Twitter the other day that was very relatable yet so sad. It read “College is cool because if you relax for 5 seconds then all of a sudden you’re failing 11 classes even though you’re only taking 5.” College is kind of like this, in a way. Of course, you are not actually going to relax for 5 seconds and fail all your classes, but you do need to keep up with everything going on, and sometimes it requires sitting at the library for 10 hours straight having a large mental breakdown and drinking 8 shots of espresso.

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Trust me, you do not have as much work to do as you think, though. Something that really cures my anxiety and stress is list-making. I make a list every week with things that I need to do, including homework, extracurricular work, and personal life commitments. I also write little blurbs to myself for motivation like “You can do it this time!” or “No excuses!” I sound so cheesy, but it really does work. You will have these moments where you are freaking out over the small stuff, but you will get through it, trust me. Just make another trip to the coffee counter, and everything else will fall into place.

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