What Unifies a School?

As we all know, the World Series is concluding, and most people around the University of Illinois are Cubs fans to some degree. I have not seen such unity in an institution since the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and the extraordinary feeling this togetherness puts out on a campus is to be experienced nowhere else.

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From Wikipedia

As I entered a class with many people I still do not personally know, I noticed many had on Cubs gear such as hats, jerseys, and jackets. With that, one feels a connection as if you have known everyone there for years. Amazingly, people even talk to each other more when they notice you are wearing fan clothing, as well.

From MLB

From MLB

Also, when biking along campus, a student will notice the fan support in house windows, apartment balconies, and on cars. Being miles away from where the games are occurring, it seems as if you are right outside rallying together. Therefore, a campus such as Illinois provides not only a great academic atmosphere but also a strong atmosphere of community such as with the Cubs.

The best thing, however, is when one goes to a restaurant and notices that they even support and broadcast the games of local favorite teams. Knowing that the establishments around you as a student feel similarly about the things you enjoy in recreation build instant bonds with you as a student. And so, when you walk around the entire perimeter of the school, it will not take long for you as a current or new student to feel a connection to the community already in existence.



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Thus, the University of Illinois is a place where a student can find a sense of community in many ways when they see the strong followings for things such as baseball. When I transferred here, I knew instantly there were peoples with whom I could associate and, in the long run, work with academically, as well.


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