What Do I Love About the Illini Union?

The Illini Union is definitely a wonderful representation of our campus. It has gorgeous exterior, lovely outdoor fountain, luxurious furniture, historical atmosphere … I love the Illini Union because I have had a lot of wonderful time in this building, and I would like to share them with you.

In the basement, there are many little restaurant, and my friends and I love to find a small but quiet corner beside the vending machines. We can study, eat, or chat as much as we want. This spot is super convenient because whenever we want anything, we can just get up and buy things, then be back in five minutes. I have spent a lot of time here.

The Union also hosts a lot of events, and you can easily check them out on its website. During the summer, I watched a couple of soccer games of UEFA with other people in the lobby by using the projector and the giant screen. It was a lot of fun to cheer with a large group of strangers, and I didn’t really have a lot of similar experiences like this before. Every weekend, there will be movie nights, and those movies are all very famous and interesting. More information could be found on poster inside the Union or online.

Also, if you just want to interact with other people and get some professional help to deal with problems in daily life, there are weekly workshops hosted by the Counseling Center about various topics. I personally love these workshops because I feel relaxed when I am with a group of people sharing similar experiences and feelings.

There are so much more about Illini Union that you can explore, and I hope you enjoy it like I do!

From the Illini Union

From the Illini Union


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