Don’t Break Too Hard!

When a break such as Thanksgiving occurs, we all feel like the semester is over. However, it’s not. As a result, it is very easy to forget everything you have learned up until that point due to the family outings, days of pure nothing, and a week off, which seems like a month.

One way to keep your studies fresh is to just reflect on your classes and recall the semester momentarily. Doing so, a student can remember the topics or memories of his or her classes. I found recalling funny memories or profound days in class is the best because they stand out the most and lead to less significant recollections of class.


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Another thing one can do to keep a class from slipping from memory is to do some homework ahead of time during the  break. This keeps me in tune with my previous homework routine and the subject knowledge needed to do so. Also, as an added benefit, it lets you get back into the rhythm of university life with a bit less work to do.



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Third, a simple way of keeping class information relevant is to speak to friends in classes that you have. By speaking to peers, you tend to speak about classes or events at school, and inevitably your memories as a student are further solidified. Although simple, speaking to friends will help you keep your studies relevant while not seeming to break your feeling of being on vacation because speaking to peers is far from academics and more of a way to relax socially.

Courtesy of Barley's Angels

Courtesy of Barley’s Angels

And so, when on break, a student at the University of Illinois cannot forget that the studies they have never take a break. Finding methods which keep you pleasantly in tune with school are key to having a successful whole semester. However, the best thing to remember when coming up with these methods is to enjoy yourself and find where schooling fits in naturally with your holiday break routine.


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