Defeating Teacher Burnout

Being in the field of education, the term “teacher burnout” is thrown around quite a bit. In layman’s terms, teacher burnout is what occurs when a teacher no longer has the energy or motivation to carry out their teaching profession. And throughout the path of becoming an educator, professors often warn prospective teachers of this trend. When I first became aware of teacher burnout, I was terrified and felt a bit hesitant to continue on the path toward education.

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But with nearly one semester of college under my belt, I am more excited than ever. I ended up being inspired by such a term and used it to motivate my James Scholar Capstone project. I learned that much of teacher burnout is due to stressors from parents, administration, and even from themselves. Thus, handling burnout is quite simple: put yourself first.

I believe that every career path likely has some type of burnout present and that the solutions look the same in all cases. The important takeaway is that all careers are challenging, and all majors will have their hardships, as well. Putting your own emotional needs before a job is key and has been found to be the most successful way to avoid burnout.


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