How to Relieve Stress on Campus

For many students here at Illinois, it’s time to start preparing and studying for our final exams. It can be a stressful time for some as it’s viewed as a culmination of all that we learned this semester. What I want to remind people is that one test doesn’t define you and to take a deep breath. Everything’s going to be okay!


If the breaths aren’t necessarily working for you, below I’ve outlined some things here at Illinois you can to do relieve some of your stress and worries.

Work Out at the ARC: Our state of the art fitness facility, perfectly located on campus by the Ikenberry Commons, has all the equipment and amenities one needs to get some exercise in and relieve some stress. When I go, I usually take advantage of the multiple basketball courts to play a pickup game, or I run on the treadmill and listen to my workout playlist off of Spotify. You can also head over to CRCE, campus’s other state of the art workout facility. There is a chance that your residence hall may even have a small workout facility, too!

See A Movie at Illinites: The Illini Union hosts countless events throughout the year just for the students. Many Fridays, they show a recent movie that was just in theaters for free for hundreds of students, and they even provide the popcorn. I recommend after a long day of studying at our libraries, you head over to the Illini Union and catch a movie with some friends.

Walk Around Krannert Art Museum: Illinois is lucky to have so many opportunities to display art. On campus, there’s the Krannert Art Museum, which showcases work from all over the world that students can go to at any time. Take your mind off your studies for a little while and get lost in the art.

Whatever your way of relieving stress is, I hope you all stay calm and know you’re going to do great on your tests and whatever you do in life.


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