End-of-Semester Thoughts

I bet everyone is busy with their finals, but I just want to write something when it is snowing outside.

To be honest, I enjoy fall 2016 a lot.

1. Instead of taking tons of courses, I focused on a couple courses that I found interesting and useful this term. I went to office hours a lot and asked professors, TAs, and friends various questions. Finally, I began to find the fun underneath the painful debugging process. No matter what letter grades I receive, I can say that I have tried my best and enjoyed all my classes.

2. When you get an A (+/-) in a class, you may receive an email inviting you to become a grader. It is a great way to review what you have learned and make friends with other graders. Thanks to this term’s STAT 212 grading, I was able to grade actual paperwork. In the past, grading was done online, but students handed in handwritten or typed homework during this term. I had missed the feeling of writing in the color red, because this is what we used to do to grade each other’s homework when I was in China.

3. I had a new roommate after my old roommates graduated. She is really sweet and we share a lot of habits, tastes in food, and studying tips. Because of our similar backgrounds, we just could not stop talking about everything. We have renewed our lease and decided to be roommates for next year!

4. I flew back home during this Thanksgiving break and met many family members and friends. I hadn’t gone back since last January because of summer school. I tried every newly opened restaurant in my hometown and played backroom escape games in reality with my friends. It was a really wonderful break with a lot of fun.

5. The winter break is coming and I have booked my flight to Mexico City to meet and travel with my BFF. Even though I am now in Champaign and she is in Boston, we try to meet at least once a year. I cannot wait to do related research about our trip, which is the best part of a journey in my mind.

I also would like to share the beautiful snow with you!



Photos taken by my friend, Tongyu.


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