Visit Illinois as an Admitted Student

First, congratulations!!! You’ve been admitted to Illinois! Whether you’ve been dreaming about being an Illini since you can remember, you fell in love with our campus during a tour, or you’ve heard amazing things about our programs, this is such an exciting time!

That being said, it’s time to really picture yourself as a student on our campus and find out if this is the best place for you. Even if you have been to campus before for a visit, we offer some specialized visits for students once they are admitted. If you’re able to make a trip to campus this spring, check out these different programs for admitted students …

Admitted Daily Visit

Once your admitted, these programs will be available for you to sign up for on your myIllini homepage. These are programs throughout the week (and some Saturdays TBA) starting at 10:00 a.m. Similar to a Daily Visit you may have attended before, these visits include a presentation by an admissions counselor (like me!), a tour of campus, and the option to meet with colleges and/or departments. But! The presentation and all of the information provided is specific for admitted students.

Admitted Student Days

Admitted Student Days are large visit days exclusively for students who have been admitted to Illinois. These are different from a large visit day (like an Orange and Blue Day) that you may have attended in the past. During an Admitted Student Day, you will meet with the college and department in which you were admitted, tour campus and housing options, and explore campus in a more in-depth way. We also host an information fair with offices and resources across campus to showcase their departments and answer your questions. Departments include Activities and Recreation Center, Career Services, McKinley Health Services, Fraternity Sorority Affairs, and more! A few quick notes:

  • We are offering two new types of tours! When you register for an Admitted Student Day, check out our I-Dash Running Tour (work out and get about a 3-mile tour of campus while doing so!) and our Legends and Lores Tour (learn some fun, spooky history about Illinois!).
  • This is a great opportunity to meet with your department in their office on campus. So we will be there to guide you as you walk around campus, but please dress appropriately! Comfortable shoes and warm clothes (especially in February) are important.
  • Before you come, check out all of the different housing options for freshman students. Amber’s blog is a great place to start! Then once you’re on campus, you’ll be able to tour specific halls in which you are most interested.

College Open Houses, Classes, and More!

Continue to check your myIllini account and email with information about College Open Houses. This page highlights a lot of the programs that are offered throughout the spring for specific programs. We also offer a great list of classes in which admitted students can observe and participate during your visit. (We’ll be updating it with spring courses very soon.)

So that’s a lot … but, if you are able, visiting a campus is a great way to assist you in making your college decision. Of course I hope you choose Illinois, but the visit experience is all about you. So check out the full list on your myIllini account, gather your crew, and I hope to see you this spring!

When you’re on campus, try and take a picture with our friendly squirrels, and then tweet it to me (@kaci_uofi)!







Admissions Counselor
I work extensively with our large campus visit programs to give our prospective students first-hand experience of life at Illinois. I grew up in and around Champaign-Urbana, but most recently I moved from northwest Ohio, where I finished my master’s degree in College Student Personnel.


  • My son is a national merit semifinalist. Does UIUC award any scholarship based on this status ?

    He has admitted to UIUC this coming fall. I would like to find out if there is a chance to waive the out of state tuition fees.


  • Hi Judy,

    Congratulations on your student’s admission to Illinois! We review all students for merit scholarships based on their admissions application. We do not award scholarships specifically for national merit semifinalist. For information about residency status, please take a look at our website here. At least one parent, guardian, or spouse must live in Illinois in order to qualify for in-state tuition. Please let me know if you have any questions! Also, feel free to call our office at 217-333-0302 to speak to an admissions counselor.

  • Hi Kaci
    Thanks for writing the Blog! This is extremely helpful. My daughter got into UIUC for this fall session. We are from San Francisco bay area and would like to get in touch with Students/ Parents from around here. Wondering if there is a facebook/yahoo group? or any other way of getting together.


  • Good day, I have been admitted into illinois university and was told that my name would be submitted to private donors that may decide to sponsor my education at illinois.Please I am really in need of such assistance,how do I know when I have gotten any form of financial aid..thank you!

  • Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations on your daughter’s admittance to Illinois! First, your daughter should have received an email on 2/17 about some specific events that you all might be interested in attending. If you can’t find that email, feel free to give our office a call at 217-333-0302. Also, we have a great alumni network in the bay-area. I’d recommend checking out their website. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

  • Hi Damilola,

    Thanks for contacting me! We do encourage students to apply for private scholarships outside of the university, but we can’t help with those application processes. Check your Admitted Student Checklist on your myIllini account for specific information about financial aid. If you have any other questions, give our office a call at 217-333-0302.