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The Illini Union Bookstore has literally everything an Illini needs. They have really cool Illini gear, school supplies, posters, and more. It has a great location as it’s in the heart of campus and directly next to the Quad. However, the game just changed this year with they made renovations to the store. The university made a partnership with Amazon to have a pickup station full of lockers in the store.

The university made a partnership with Amazon! It’s the biggest thing since sliced bread in my opinion. So, here’s what this all means. You can ship something to the Illini Union Bookstore from Amazon. This means that it will be going to a safe and secure location! Oh, and they can ship about a million items. Yep, a million.

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But that’s not all. They have this great deal called Amazon Prime Student. It gives college students unlimited free two-day shipping on more than 30 million items, and you’re given a free six-month trial. After those six months, it’s just $49 a year, which is half the price of a normal Amazon Prime membership! If you’re an Amazon Prime member at Illinois, you can get free Same-Day Pickup on about three million items if you order before a certain time of day! I ordered my Sociology textbooks through this service, and I got the textbooks the next day!

When I went to go pick up the textbooks, I got an email and a text message saying my package was ready with a code to scan. I went to the Illini Union Bookstore, scanned my code, and my books instantly popped out of one of the lockers in a package! It was so high-tech and really impressive. I plan on using this service a lot more now when it comes to textbooks and whatever else Amazon has to offer.

Take a look at the cool pictures of the lockers below!

Courtesy of Illini Union Bookstore


Courtesy of Illini Union Bookstore



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