Second Semester Blues

Okay, so I won’t lie. I am a little sad that second semester is already here. In the past week, I have already had homework assignments for every class and even a test! But after spending my entire break in Europe, it’s a little difficult to imagine being anywhere else that doesn’t involve sightseeing and relaxation.

I am, however, happy to see all the friends that I have missed for the last month. The great thing about your friends in college is that even when you are thousands of miles apart, you stay connected every day. There was never a day, even when I was abroad, that I was not communicating with friends from campus.

Winter break is a very sacred part of your college experience, and you should cherish it. Use winter break as a time to prepare for second semester, because trust me you will need it. Calculus is the last thing I want to be doing right now, but I have the patience to do my assignments because of my long awaited winter break!

Now back to Calculus I go, happy second semester everyone!


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