Go Ahead and Drop the Class

Last week, I dropped a class. I’m not gonna lie, it felt pretty good, too. It’s not that I wanted to drop the class, but I knew that I had to. The class was just never going to fit into my vision of a successful semester. Really, that is the only consideration that I needed to make of whether to keep the class or not.

Each of my semesters in college have included me dropping a class early in the semester. Don’t worry though, I always add another one immediately. Although this may seem a little strange, you and many of your friends are going to do the same thing in college. This is simply because college is all about putting one foot in front of the other. It turns out sometimes you just don’t love a class that you start exploring.

Never fear, dropping a class is perfectly okay. Nobody is gonna be mad about it and you will feel much better once you find a class that fits you in just the way you were looking for. That’s what is great about The University of Illinois; you have so many options to find the class that you are looking for. It’s a major university with a lot of diversity.

Looking back on the experience of dropping yet another class, I can’t help but smile. This is not because I wanted to drop another class, but because I found one that fits me much better. You see, this whole process is part of what makes college such a special time in your life. Sometimes you’ll see what classes you want to take immediately, and other times you may not. Until you have the classes you’re looking for, look around and always be open to exploration. You never know when the perfect class is just around the corner.


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