The Outside World

Ok, so I’m about to bring up a word that has been in the news a lot here lately, “bubble.” With all of this talk about fake news and the sources from which we get our information, it seems to be overlooked that our college campuses can be one of the most tightly compacted bubbles you will find. This is because we are used to being with the same people discussing the same topics every day with the same points of view.

While it’s amazing to find people that share your views (and celebrate them), it’s an even more wondrous experience when we can find information about our world from sources that challenge our perceptions. You will find it can be very difficult to get a look at the real world while on a college campus. This is not always a bad thing, but it sure is a wake-up call when you leave campus.

These are all the reasons that I have made it my goal to always learn about the events of the world from a variety of diverse journalists and organizations. I may not always agree with what I am hearing, but at the end of the day, I can take what I have learned back to my social circle and help to make the world around me a more informed place. Ultimately, the University of Illinois is about much more than just having a world-class education; it is a place where many of your ideas and values will be shaped.

Every day from here on out, I am going to be reading and learning about everything I can. This will not only make my campus community a better place, but also to help me connect with the world that I am going to merging back into in just a couple of years. I truly believe that when we know more, we can accomplish more. After all, knowledge is power.


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