Middle Grades Education at the University of Illinois

The University of Illinois offers a variety of majors in the education field, including majors that aren’t for prospective teachers. When I applied to Illinois, I was admitted as an Elementary Education major. I had always loved literacy and language arts more than any other subject in school, but I also love young kids, so I was at a standstill for majors. Should I stay in Elementary Education? Do I have to move to Secondary Education?

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It was in my first semester that I discovered a new major in the College of Education: Middle Grades Education.

Middle Grades Education allows for concentrations in math, science, social science, and literacy. The endorsement is for teaching fifth grade through eighth grade. The track for a Middle Grades Education degree looks very similar to an Elementary Education degree in the first semesters of college and then goes into depth with the students’ selected concentrations.

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I chose to concentrate in both literacy and social sciences, and could not be happier with my decision. I now have the ability to channel my passion into my profession, while working with the age group I prefer. The College of Education really does have a major that fits anyone.


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