It’s Always Sunny in Champaign

Lately the weather has been so nice, so I wanted to write a post about some things that you can do when it’s warm outside!

1. The Quad is always a huge hit on a sunny day. You can see people playing frisbee, playing fetch with their dogs, or just sitting in the grass soaking up the sun.

2. The Union has tables outside where a lot of people like to sit and enjoy the weather. Even if you have studying to do, at least you can sit outside to do it!

3. There’s an open field with sand volleyball courts at Washington Park,¬†where a lot of Greek life houses are located. That is a great location to go to enjoy the nice weather.

No matter where you are on campus when it’s sunny and warm outside, there are numerous ways to enjoy the weather while still incorporating your academics. I, for one, am on my way to my fraternity house to enjoy the sun on our patio with my brothers.

Thanks for reading! Comment below for any questions!


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